In a world powered by data, security is paramount.
At CRBN AI, we offer top-tier, secure access to the world's best Large Language Models (LLMs).
But that's just the start.

Secure LLM Access

Harness the full potential of AI with access to the most advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) available. We promise utmost security, so you can focus on your work while we keep your data safe.

We support all the latest LLMs.



Meet your new digital workforce. Our Knowledge-Bots, trained with your data, are here to answer questions about your business. Use them through our web app, via our API, or embed them on your website.

Internal or customer-facing knowledge at your fingertips, available 24/7.


Forget the complexity of crafting system messages or finding the right prompt. With our ready-to-use templates, or "recipes", text generation becomes a breeze. Perfect for businesses that value efficiency.

Our recipes are tailored for one specific use case, making sure you get the output you need.



CRBN AI offers tools that allow you to get started with a few clicks of a button to unlock the knowledge from all of your content with no technical knowledge.

You can read through some of our case studies and use cases to get an idea of how it might fit for you.

If you are looking to get help designing something uniquely for your business contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

No. Unlike using the OpenAI website or many other tools, we ensure that your data remains your own – safe and secure. CRBN AI has gone through the process to ensure that any AI services that are provided by CRBN AI do not use your data for training purposes, to include OpenAI and Azure services.

CRBN AI has a professional services team that has extensive experience in AI.

We offer professional services as part of our enterprise plan and have a wide network of referrals.

Contact us to learn more.

Yes, we ensure that all data is kept encrypted in transit and at rest using encryption standards in compliance with the latest NIST FIPS 140 standard.

Yes, if you need to delete your content from your site you can delete everything by deleting your account. If you need to delete specific items you can delete them from the site and we will remove them in accordance with our Deta Retention Policy. If you need to expedite this process, please contact us so that we can coordinate it as quickly as possible.

Yes, our team has extensive experience handling PHI and we are happy to sign a BAA. Please contact our sales team or your account representative and we would be happy to help.

Yes, our team has put controls in place to isolate your information from the information of other users. This information only has access based on the access levels that you have granted. If you need a completely dedicated instance contact our sales team or your account manager.

But why Carbon, you might ask?

Carbon is versatile. It's the building block of life, forming the fundamental structure of DNA, the blueprint of life. It's this versatility and fundamental importance that we strive to emulate. We want to be a versatile tool, a fundamental asset to businesses navigating the digital age.

Then there's AI, representing Artificial Intelligence - the silicon, the machine aspect. This signifies our commitment to leveraging the power of AI to benefit humans.

However, we also recognize the challenges and responsibilities that come with it. In a world where data is as precious as gold, security is paramount. This understanding is central to our approach. Hence, we prioritize secure AI, ensuring that our services not only empower businesses but also protect their data.

Unleash the Power of AI for Your Business.

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Unleash the Power of AI for Your Business.

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