CRBN AI Solutions for Family Offices

Unlock the power of AI with tools designed specifically to empower Family Offices in managing trusts, investments, legal complexities, and more.

In the intricate world of Family Offices, information accessibility and decision-making accuracy are paramount. CRBN AI offers a suite of AI-driven products tailored to your needs. From ChatGPT to Recipes and Knowledge Bots, we simplify and streamline your workflow.

Explore our CRBNAI Products for Family Offices

Secure ChatGPT

Secure Access to Cutting-edge AI

Tailored Interactions
Engage with AI that understands the specificities of Family Office management.

Secured Conversations
Have confidential conversations with your AI with industry-leading security.

Real-Time Insights
Draw from a vast well of financial and legal knowledge specific to Family Office needs.


Recipes: AI-Driven Tasks Simplified

Automated Workflows
From blog post ideas to contract creation, automate various tasks with pre-configured Recipes.

Tailored to Your Needs
Create and manage trust documents, investment strategies, and more with customized system prompts.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions
Utilize ready-made Recipes like 'Explanation of Complicated Concepts' to simplify financial or legal complexities.

Example: "We used the 'Contract Creation' Recipe to draft intellectual property rights clauses, saving us hours of work."

Knowledge Bots: Transform Documents into Conversations

Interactive Legal Texts
Turn your Uniform Trust Codes, family trusts, and more into an interactive and searchable experience.

Efficient Queries
Quickly find information on beneficiaries, investment regulations, and legal obligations.

Secure Access
Navigate through your documents with the peace of mind of robust security.

Example: "Finding beneficiaries from complex trust documents became a breeze with Knowledge Bots."


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Benefits for Family Offices


Time Savings

Streamline various legal, financial, and administrative tasks.

Enhanced Security

Engage with AI solutions knowing your information is safeguarded.

Customized Solutions

Tools tailored to fit the unique needs of Family Offices.

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