Modernize your employee onboarding with interactive handbooks, all at the ease of a chat.

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Gone are the days of tedious document navigation. Our AI-powered chatbots transform your handbooks into interactive experiences, ensuring every employee finds the information they need instantly. Make their first steps memorable!

Seamless Integration

Embed. Integrate. Interact.

Whether you want to incorporate the chatbot into your intranet, website, or access through our API, our platform seamlessly fits within your ecosystem. Enhance your brand presence and cater to both employees and job seekers alike.

Effortless Setup

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It’s as simple as 1-2-3! Create an account, upload your handbook, and let our AI do the rest. Experience the future of company communication without any of the hassles.

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Suggested Questions to Ask:
- What should employees do if they observe unsafe working conditions?
- What is Acme's dress code policy?
- Under what circumstances may an employee be terminated?
- How much paid time off do employees receive?
- What steps does Acme take to protect confidential information?
- What procedures must visitors follow when coming to Acme's offices?

Why use CRBN AI Knowledge bots for your Handbook

Enhanced Employee Engagement:

Conversational interfaces are inherently interactive, engaging users far more than static text. When employees are actively interacting with content, they're more likely to absorb and retain information. This not only speeds up the learning curve but ensures that knowledge is effectively assimilated.

Instantaneous Problem Solving:

Time spent searching through dense documentation is time wasted. With a conversational interface, employees can get instant answers to their queries, allowing them to resolve issues or doubts on the fly. This accelerates decision-making and keeps the momentum of work flowing smoothly.


Tailored Learning Experiences:

No two employees are the same, and neither are their queries. Conversational interfaces cater to individual needs, providing customized responses based on the user's input. This personal touch fosters a sense of being valued, and employees can learn at their own pace and according to their unique requirements.

Scalable Knowledge Dissemination:

As companies grow, ensuring that every employee has consistent access to company knowledge becomes challenging. A conversational interface ensures that the same standard of information is available to all, regardless of when they joined or where they're located. This ensures uniformity in knowledge dissemination.

Reduced Training Overheads:

Training sessions can be resource-intensive, requiring trainers, materials, venues, and often pulling employees away from their work. With conversational documentation, much of the basic and even intermediate training can be automated, saving resources and allowing employees to learn as they work.

Feedback Loop Creation:

Conversational interfaces can be designed to gather feedback. By analyzing the questions and concerns employees most frequently raise, businesses can identify gaps in their documentation or areas where further training is required. This creates a dynamic system that evolves based on actual employee needs.


Boosting Company Culture:

In today's digital age, integrating AI and chat functionalities into documentation showcases a company's commitment to innovation and modern practices. This can boost morale and attract talent who are keen to work in forward-thinking environments.

By converting static documents into dynamic conversational experiences, companies can enjoy a plethora of benefits, ranging from operational efficiencies to enhanced employee satisfaction.

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Ready to Revolutionize Your Employee Experience?

Get ahead of the curve. Join our mail list and be among the first to get updates on how we are turn pages into conversations.
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