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Empower your decisions with our Knowledge Bots - transforming complex documentation into conversational experiences that drive efficiency and insight.

In the intricate landscape of family offices, IRAs, MFOs, law firms, and investment funds, information is paramount. Knowledge Bots can tackle any complex industry, but the examples given are industries tightly woven into the CRBN DNA.

CRBN AI's Knowledge Bots take your dense and cumbersome documents and convert them into an accessible, conversational interface. Ask questions, find answers, and navigate your unique challenges with unprecedented ease.


Secure Interaction

With industry-leading security, engage with your information knowing that confidentiality is maintained.


Document-to-Conversation Transformation

Turn any legal text, trust code, internal revenue code, or financial report into an interactive experience.


Customized for Your Industry

Whether it's legal, finance, or investment, our Knowledge Bots are designed to fit your specific needs.

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For Family Offices

Navigate through the complexities of the Uniform Trust Code, access beneficiary information, or explore various financial strategies.

For Law Firms

Dive into legal precedents, access case laws, or analyze complex legal documents effortlessly.

For Investment Funds & IRAs

Stay updated on the Internal Revenue Code, evaluate investment opportunities, or analyze financial markets in real time.


Knowledge Bot Benefits


Real-Time Insights

Ask questions and get immediate, accurate answers from your documents.

Enhanced Productivity

Cut down on time spent searching through lengthy documents and focus on decision-making.

Collaborative Advantage

Share insights across your team effortlessly, fostering a more collaborative environment.

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